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 OX.Enermax costretti a rinunciare al VGP Party

Purtroppo il team OX.Enermax di Call of Duty Black Ops su Xbox360 č stato costretto a rinunciare alla partecipazione al VideoGamesParty di Milano questa domenica per problemi gravi che il team preferisce tenere privati.
Una scelta difficile ma giusta, sperando che non rovini la gestione del torneo all'organizzazione.

Che dire, daremo il doppio alla prossima lan!

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19.12.10 00:38h - Written by maze
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Rob a green army has seven upright--The heat promotion alliance is the trend of The Times

To the east finals the dust settled, smoke all over, the heat get it on the NBA finals journey. And for the celtics for, whether defeat and victory, not all honor or disgrace. Before the final whistle of that a moment, also sent 1 months and 10 days will be 37-year-old Allen look to the score, wet with tears in eyes seem to, the mouth cape quivering slightly, it is not for a contest that he can't into the finals sorry or regret, more of this is career last time boundless attachment, to oneself will die of youth not give extremely.

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Allen's emotional moment is the true history of the celtics situation, 35, of Paul Pierce, 36 37, Kevin garnett, Allen, 2007 to seek in Boston generation dream pop stars are to his career waved goodbye, again in a kill to the finals door of that moment but outs, the taste of only can understand. Have had that taste of championship flavor they, in this age of the NBA finals again reach the threshold, face only with their own struggle, and years of race, and time wrestling.

As the day before the game to the media Pierce said: "the whole season we are faced with a difficult situation, we are in difficulties go to a game 7."

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This one was from the giants season was over trade rumors, before the trade deadline to rumours, and ray Allen in once received notice of trade because the other side was insufficient chips stranded, Pierce had become objects of trade team, but the nets doesn't have weight trade chips fell down.

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It is on this undercurrent of turbulent under, they still rolled all the way, second tiebreak staggered and do to the east finals kill game 7, so once the fallen that moment coming through the season, the thoughts will build as ragged gate as the tide over me. In a doubt, in the clouds, trade of injury and season, green unlined upper garment of army trip to the playoffs, than ever before are much more difficult.

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Fans had expected the end, the celtics exit is not a surprise. In SAN Antonio is even pull out the fourth of thunder, the fate of the army green unlined upper garment to set the tone. More young are more momentum more depth team went further, this is anyone can think of. People of the spurs green army speculation forces can't repeat the finals, on two team in, lose game often is in the lead, a time in scoring drought or defensive vacuum, be young opponent to recapture the lead after put no longer. The celtics and SAN Antonio, the last time, old legs have not in yourself, and be age beat is an entirely glory. So Aaron did not cry, you have done the best.

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Oklahoma fans for thunder basketball crazy

Oklahoma is a football town, its rival Oklahoma university in wrestling is famous. But now Oklahoma city fans have a common voice: the NBA finals first show.

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Blue orange roof stuck in fans the car, the car to travel around the city. This team in the league or four years ago the worst. A of Oklahoma state building on "thunder come on" crosses the banners, a local store is imitate thunder bearded defender James HaDeng image made a false beard.

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In thunder in 2008 before came to this city, Seattle has claimed to for the team to build a new arena, but an Oklahoma city traders or put team brought to here-Oklahoma team loyalty degree is recognized as OU and OSU between.

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"This is our great, is such that," Tony Wright said the thunder fans are to go in an SUV, the car is with "OKC" banners.

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With the ZhanWei finals against the Miami heat, thunder have home court advantage, but life can not always so sweet.

The first of the season before thunder 32 games won only three games, the whole season down only 23-59 negative, this is the third league history to poor record. Then look for tickets is very easy.

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Rivers:I was proud of my players

Green army lost rob seven wars, in the series 3-2 lead reversal by the final lost east finals, after the game, the celtics coach doc rivers to his team was positive assessment:

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"I really for our players feel very proud, I think we have nothing left. In general, I really don't think I had previously have such a good team." Doc rivers said.

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"I really wanted to win this game. It's not for me. Think about our team of it, we lost Jeff green, Chris-WeiErKaoKeSi, not the Avery-Bradley, not the o 'neal. If we can enter the final word, it is amazing."

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This is the celtics coach doc rivers in the seventh season. Since 2008 the celtics every year at least into the eastern semi-final. James at half after the game embraced rivers, who to rivers said: "I really respect you, doug. Really respect you." And the rivers has also expressed to heat the praise of the coaching staff.

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"He did a wonderful job, and I hope he can get more respect." Doc rivers said.

Green army other players in the team after losing the race also expressed their attitude, buss said they want the next season is staying in green army play and ray Allen said the games where he was very sad, Kenyon is in Turin said father died three years later the first shed tears. Pierce is in after the game to management aiming Allen and garnett left

"I hope the management contract, then can and KG for the team to add a bit of fresh blood, so that we can come again a year."

Kevin garnett interview after the game did not.

#9 at 11.06.2021 on 04:30hh
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This year's European training camp predict the future draft prospects

NBA basketball talent search around the world is such, non-native players will be a subtle influence on draft, some executives have the team very rapid response. These players material at least have is a season, or even longer.

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Even so, this part of this year as can also emphasized. Three days of training camp in Italy on Sunday attia Europe the treviso opening. This is a Canada this year than Europe contributed more good chance to show the first round. Some team representatives Friday night obviously will directly from Chicago to come. A large number of future is expected to join the NBA draft international players have been gathered Saturday to the northern Italian city. Treviso gathered a lot of international stadium the hope of star players.

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These players do not have the qualifications to draft, including from the three countries-20 national team player U, a large amount of information to show that these players many at the earliest can take part in the 2013 draft. In 2011, the European players-in Iraq after the draft at Canterbury, third, jonas kazlauskas-watts LanXiu nazca, fifth, Jane-d plug the sixth, seventh and bismarck-than bo, tower of iron-kenaz grinding jonas kazlauskas 20, Europe is the future of the draft.

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This year may not have a outside the United States players in the top 30 draft, if there is a little French striker Ivan-is a prime candidate-Buddha Neil. It is such an extreme situation: like the celtics holds 21 or 22 sequence of this team, they do not trust the draft.

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Or a team with the first round bottom of the sign of the team, they are more willing to let to choose the players continue to stay in the match for exercise, not to give them a security contract. (such as from the Czech defender Thomas-gaza Torrance, said the NBA comes back to Europe now to stay open, their attitude in the Spanish league. He is now the contract contains a jump out of the terms of the contract this summer. If he insist that the provision, his remaining 2 years contract will be buying out.)

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LeBron should  Nike LeBron 9 be on his way to defensive player  lebron 9  of the year accolades this season, too. Perhaps no stretch  lebron 9 sale  of play can underscore LeBron's value on the defensive side of the ball more than his potential assignments over these next two games.

On Tuesday  Adidas Adizero Rose Shoes  in  Orlando, LeBron is almost certain to spend a few possessions trying  lebron james shoes  to slow Howard, the league's most dominant center. Not only did LeBron survive the last time he drew that assignment, he held his own in Miami's home victory in February. And LeBron's encore Wednesday night will likely be a late-game stare down with reigning MVP Derrick Rose.

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