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TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3 is currently in development and is the future product to carry on the legacy of the original TeamSpeak communication system software previously offered in versions 1.5 and 2.

TeamSpeak 3 is not merely an extension of TeamSpeak 2 but rather a complete re-write from the ground up in C++. TeamSpeak 3's foundation and focus is to provide a highly scalable, diverse, cross-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) to meet the demands of today's cutting edge integrated VoIP solutions.

What's New In TeamSpeak 3?

  • Full-featured, cross-platform client and server software for Windows (32-Bit and 64-Bit) and Linux (32-Bit and 64-Bit), plus full support for Macintosh platforms (both Intel and PPC)
  • Completely redesigned SDK based architecture, for 100% integration capabilities into existing products or services
  • Fully integrated 3D Sound support for both Client and SDK, enabling spacial placement of sound from multiple directions
  • All new licensing system for commercial hosting and Authorized TeamSpeak Host Providers (ATHPs)
  • Scripting capabilities for the client, allowing endless possibilities for client customization
  • Dramatically improved scalability particularly for corporate, large-scale, integrated VoIP solutions
  • Fully redesigned database module supporting even the most complex SQLite or MySQL integrated solutions
  • All new, fully customizable user groups with powerful, new permission sets
  • Improved text chat capabilities much like today's popular Instant Messenger applications
  • BBCode formatting in welcome messages, channel descriptions, etc.
  • Tabbed voice connectivity, allowing you to simultaneously connect to multiple servers
  • Powerful, new Server Query module (formerly known as "TCP query" with new command-line capabilities
  • All new, PHP-based web administration application allowing full control of multiple server instances at once
  • All new key bindings module with additional support for joysticks, mouse buttons, and other hardware
  • All new "Bookmarks Manager", allowing users to store their favorite servers similar to storing favorites within your web browser
  • All new Speex and GSM codecs, providing capabilities for dramatically improved voice quality
  • Improved latency and response times so there is less delay in the time between someone speaking and actually hearing the user's voice on the other end
  • Multi-headset support allowing you to for example plug in two USB headsets to your PC and have each headset connect to a different server at the same time
  • Sound packs, allowing users to create and distribute their own custom sounds within TeamSpeak such as "Player joined" or "Player kicked"
  • ... and MUCH MORE!
Please note features listed above may change and new features may be added upon the final release of TeamSpeak 3.

TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit

The TeamSpeak 3 Software Development Kit (SDK) will be the core foundation to the new, upcoming TeamSpeak 3 product. Supporting a diverse and feature-rich set of commands and actions via TeamSpeak 3's new Application Programming Interface (API), TeamSpeak 3 will be ready to meet the demands of even the most complex integrated VoIP solutions in today's marketplace. The image below is a high level overview of TeamSpeak 3's architecture and foundation to the SDK.

TeamSpeak 3 Architecture in Detail
  • The Graphical User Interface (Qt) is the main TeamSpeak 3 client application, similar to what you use currently in TeamSpeak 2. However, TeamSpeak 3 will now natively support Macintosh, Linux, and Windows platforms.
  • TeamSpeak 3 now features support for powerful lua script (scripting language). Consequently, the "Console User Interface" users and developers will be capable of shaping the TeamSpeak client into just about anything they can imagine.
  • "Telnet" and "Scripts / Programs, Third Party, Web Interface" all use our new powerful server query interface similar to TeamSpeak 2's TCP query but much more powerful. In addition, the web interface is now an external PHP application which can be used to manage a TeamSpeak server via a web browser.
  • "ClientLib/SDK" is a library (dll/so) which makes it possible to interact with the server by using a simple application programming interface (API). So, it provides developers with the possibility to for example connect to a server, mute the microphone, or switch channels. The "Capture/Playback/Input" components provide a plugin system which further allows developers to for example write your own playback plugin which streams the output to a Shoutcast server in addition to playing it back.
  • TeamSpeak 3 will now allow you to use either TCP or UDP protocols for client connectivity. Support for TCP connectivity is particularly useful for circumstances where people need to use proxies, or where UDP is completely blocked due to corporate firewalls, etc.
  • The TeamSpeak 3 server will now support a database plugin system so for example developers can now write their own plugin for a completely proprietary database if they so desire. The server components will also be available as a library version which developers can also include into their own application.
Our fully documented TeamSpeak 3 SDK will be the latest technological breakthrough in TeamSpeak's VoIP legacy. Ideal for developers and larger companies which require integrated solutions, TeamSpeak 3 will offer among the very best in cutting edge, integrated VoIP technology.

TeamSpeak 3 Corporate Edition

With the emergence of new VoIP technologies comes the issue of security, the key concern being: how can organizations protect themselves against security breaches in VoIP technology?

TeamSpeak 3 Corporate Edition (CE) will be specifically designed to address this very issue. The TeamSpeak 3 CE product will feature encrypted VoIP technology to meet the demands of offering secure communication between two or more individuals. TeamSpeak 3 CE will be ideal for larger companies, government organizations, or anyone looking to implement a secure Internet based VoIP solution.

TeamSpeak 3 Corporate Edition (CE) will not be available until sometime after the initial TeamSpeak 3 core product and SDK is released. Please continue to visit our web site often for updates on the status of TeamSpeak 3 CE.

For a more detailed overview of TeamSpeak 3's architecture or to learn more about the latest news and developments surrounding TeamSpeak 3, please visit our Developer Blog page.
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