Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is a great way to make money by placing several wagers on different events. They offer larger payouts than individual bets, so they’re a good choice for sports fans who are looking to win big.

The odds for a parlay bet depend on the number of teams in the bet. It’s important to calculate the return of your accumulator before you place the bet.


Parlay betting offers a chance to win large amounts of money for a small stake on These payouts are extremely attractive to certain types of bettors, including those with a gambling mindset and beginners.

Because a parlay is made up of multiple individual bets, each of these bets must win to win the payout. If even one of the bets loses, you will have lost the original amount of money that you placed in the parlay.


Parlay bets are a popular way for bettors to combine multiple bets on a single ticket, resulting in higher odds. They also come with a higher risk, but can offer a significant payout when all the selections win.

The odds of parlays are calculated by multiplying each selection’s decimal odds together. Then, multiply that number by your stake to get the parlay payout.

These odds can vary depending on the sportsbook and how much money is wagered. For example, a -110 parlay will pay about 2.6 to 1 while a -200 parlay will return about 6 to 1. These variations depend on the spread bets wagerred and the amount of juice in each leg.


Parlay betting is a popular type of wagering that allows you to combine multiple bets into one ticket. It is a high-risk wager, but it can pay out if all of your bets are correct.

Another variation of parlays is round robin bets, which allow you to link up multiple team selections. This increases your potential payout but also requires more stake money.

Similarly, there are also teasers, which are similar to parlays but don’t require the same amount of individual wagers. However, if you can win all of your bets on a teaser, you will receive a much larger payout.

Staggering the Starts of Games

One of the best parts of the parlay experience is that it lets you pick and choose the winners. This is not only the best way to get started in the betting game but also one of the most fun ways to learn about the sport and how it works on It can be a little overwhelming to start with an entire slate of bets, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Most sports books offer a variety of betting options and many of them will even match your first bet for free. Its not hard to find a bookie that will suit your gambling style and budget.

Time of Day

Parlay betting is a good way to spread out your bets on different games. However, you must be careful when placing your bets. This is because you are taking on a lot of risk. If you are not careful, you can easily lose more than you can win by over betting on your picks. Fortunately, there is a system that can help you avoid this situation and keep your losses to a minimum. This system is called Time Zone Hedge Parlay and it teaches you how to lay out your bets, when to hedge and how to minimize your expected returns. The system is a must for the conservative sports bettor who wants to stay on the winning side of things while keeping their bankroll intact.